entertimefire: Hi, I just happened upon your blog and just wanna say I hope youre having a good day. :3


ur so creepy san diego :(

Anonymous: you don't look dead you look cute as hell

im throwing up

i look as dead as i feel lol!

i look as dead as i feel lol!

can’t do anything

can’t do anything

Anonymous: what's the model of your musical keyboard?


Anonymous: Do you think USA is a good country?

In early 2008, in just one month of scouring the savanna of central Brazil, scientists discovered 14 new species. One of those new species was a type of legless lizard no one knew existed. A legless lizard? Wouldn’t that be called a snake?

Nope — they’re two entirely different animals from separate evolutionary lines. Legless lizards evolved from the legged lizards with which most of us are familiar; legless snakes evolved from four-legged snakes that most of us have never seen.

i cant get a new controller until next week its been pretty lame i guess thats it

edit: it just occurred to me to ask a friend if i can borrow one wow smart